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Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Photo Gallery

Mastopexy Augmentation Before & After Pictures

Breast Augmentation Lift is the combination of Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift into a single, rejuvenating Breast Enhancement procedure. Also known as Mastopexy Augmentation, the combination is frequently used to both increase breast size and to reduce breast sagging or ptosis.

Mastopexy Augmentation is performed by removing the excess pigmented skin from the outer circumference of the areolae and advancing the normal breast skin toward the nipple. This reduces the diameter of the areolae and can help restore aesthetic breast proportions. For smaller lifts, a periareolar scar may be all that is needed. The periareolar scar runs around the circumference of the areolae. As the scar heals, it fades into the transition zone between the pigmented areolar skin and the normal breast skin, making it more discreet. For larger areolar reductions, or when the nipple is very low, a larger lift is required. Examples include: Vertical Breast Lifts, Inverted-T Breast Lifts and Horizontal Breast Lifts.

Since Breast Augmentation expands the breast skin, including the areolar skin, Areola Reduction may be used to prevent areolar enlargement and to maintain the aesthetic proportions of the breasts. Breast Augmentation Lifts using a periareolar scar work best when the areolar size and shape is close to the desired final result and when the areolae are located close to their "ideal" position. For larger areolae, a Vertical Breast Lift may be a better choice. If your areolae are puffy, you may have a variant of tubular breasts. Often the Areola Reduction, which is performed as part of many Breast Lifts, is sufficient to reliably correct even moderately puffy nipples. For more pronounced Tubular Breast Deformities, additional or alternate procedures may be recommended. These types of decisions are best made during an in-person appointment with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon like Dr. Joseph A. Mele, MD, FACS. Call his San Francisco Bay Area Plastic Surgery office today at (925) 943-6353, to schedule your private consultation.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos

Above, you will find a gallery of our Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Pictures. These pictures are of actual patients who have had their plastic surgery by Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS, at our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery center. While our Areola Reduction Before and After Photos can serve as a guide to what is possible with cosmetic surgery, individual results will vary.

What To Look For In Mastopexy Augmentation Before And After Photos

What does Mastopexy Augmentation surgery accomplish? Below are selected Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift Before and After Photos that demonstrate the results utilizing several alternative surgical techniques. Each procedure includes the combination of Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift. Lesser sagging (ptosis) is addressed with a smaller lift, because the size of the Breast Lift required is directly proportional to the amount of lifting needed. Some Breast Lifts are solely for raising the areolae and nipple higher on the breast mound, while other Breast Lifts reshape and remove loose breast skin. Mastopexy literally means "breast fixing", and plastic surgeons use Mastopexy when they mean Breast Lift. For more about the Mastopexy, half of Mastopexy Augmentation, be certain to visit our Breast Lift Page. For information about using Breast Implants, check out our Breast Augmentation Page.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Pictures: Example 1

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Inverted-T Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: The primary goal of Breast Augmentation Lift is Breast Enhancement by increasing the size of the breasts and reducing breast ptosis (breast sagging). The patient above had Breast Augmentation combined with a Breast Lift to maximize her results.

Before: This patient was unhappy with deflated, downward pointing breasts. She was a vibrant young woman with old lady breasts, and she was motivated to do something about it. Her goals were to improve both the size and shape of her breasts. Prior to the procedure, her areolae were proportionate. Keeping her areolae from stretching with Breast Augmentation was also part of the plan.

After: The areolae were lifted and reduced slightly to compensate for the normal skin stretching which occurs with Breast Enlargement. To create perky, youthful breasts, the breasts were entirely reshaped with a Breast Lift and enlarged with Breast Augmentation. This type of Breast Augmentation Lift is known as an inverted-T or anchor lift, due to the shape of the scar. There are three components to this scar:

  1. Around the areolae (periareolar), allowing for the reduction and elevation of the areolae
  2. Vertical, connecting the lower edge of the areolae to the inframammary fold (IMF), closing the area which the nipple and areola used to occupy
  3. Horizontal, hidden in the fold under the breasts (the IMF), to remove the redundant skin from the bottom of the breasts and lift the breast mound.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Inverted-T Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: Above are front-view before and after photos of the same patient. Notice the increased size, improved shape and elevated nipples that this Mastopexy Augmentation provides.

Before: This patient was happy with the size of her nipples and areolae but not with their location or the overall deflated appearance of her breasts. Breast Augmentation alone would enlarge the breasts but would not correct the low nipple position or the sagging skin at the bottom of the breasts. A Breast Lift would correct the breasts' shape but would not provide any additional breast volume.

After: The areolae are lifted and were reduced slightly to prevent the expansion that normally occurs with Breast Enlargement. The breasts' skin is tightened by both reducing the amount of redundant skin with the Breast Lift and by filling the breast envelope with the additional volume that the Breast Implant provides.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Pictures: Example 2

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Anchor Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: Extreme cases require meticulous attention to detail. The ravages of massive weight loss can be mediated, and great results achieved, with an extreme Mastopexy Augmentation.

Before: This patient's breasts are maximally deflated. Her breasts were much larger when she was heavier. She lost a massive amount of weight, which also deflated her breasts and left her with a lot of hanging skin.

After: Breast Augmentation Lift Surgery was performed to restore the volume of her breasts, tighten the loose, redundant breast skin and reposition the nipples back onto the front of her breasts. The combination produces full, perky breasts that are in proportion with her new body and can better fill a dress.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Pictures: Example 3

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Periareolar Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: The Breast Augmentation Lift procedure comes in many sizes. It ranges from the "major overhauls" like the inverted-T and anchor lifts demonstrated in examples 1 and 2 above, to the "touch-ups" and lesser corrections that Breast Augmentation with a Periareolar Lift can provide, as shown in this example.

Before: This patient had marked breast asymmetry and deflation prior to her Mastopexy Augmentation. This is a common situation either from birth, weight loss or pregnancy. She desired better symmetry and a fuller bust.

After: Breast Augmentation with a periareolar Breast Lift was the technique utilized for correction of this patient's breast asymmetry and sagging. Breast Augmentation corrected the problems with breast volume. Breast Implants increase the size of the breasts and can be used to asymmetrically augment breasts that, prior to surgery, are different sizes. A Periareolar Breast Lift was selected to reposition the nipples higher and more symmetrically on the breasts.

A good rule of thumb is: when less lifting is needed, shorter scars are possible. In this case, the scar runs around the periphery of the areolae. The advantage is that this scar is hidden along the edge of the areolae. The disadvantages of the Periareolar Lift are decreased lifting power, flattening of the breasts and less control over the amount of the areolae expansion that occurs with augmentation. A vertical breast lift is the option of choice when a smaller areolar size is desired or when more lifting is required.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Pictures: Example 4

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Vertical Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: Breast Augmentation Lift surgery was performed to create proportionate breast mounds, dramatically raise the location of the nipples and reduce the areolae. The Vertical Breast Lift is also called the Lolli-pop Lift because the scar is shaped like a lolli-pop. It consists of a circle around the areola, like the candy, and a vertical scar below, like the lolli-pop's stick.

Before: This patient had almost no breast tissue and very low nipples. Breast Augmentation by itself would fix the volume but leave the nipples in the crease under the breasts. A periareolar lift would neither raise the nipples high enough nor control the size of the areolae.

After: This patient is very happy with her outcome. She can wear whatever fashion she wants and is more comfortable out of clothing too. A Vertical Breast Lift was used to raise her nipples and areolae to a more aesthetic position. Expansion of the pigmented skin around the nipple occurs with Breast Augmentation. The Vertical Breast Lift is superior to the Periareolar Lift for controlling the size of the areolae.

Breast Implants were used to give her the breasts she wanted. In this case, the breast implants were placed behind the muscle. This tapers the upper pole of the breasts and provides a more natural shape. This is an example of Tubular Breasts, as demonstrated by a very constricted, tight breast base and ill-defined, restricted inframammary crease. At first, it may seem odd to do a Breast Lift on small breasts that are not sagging, but a standard Breast Augmentation would leave the nipples on the bottom of the breasts and would not give this beautiful result.

Breast Augmentation Lift Before & After Pictures: Example 5

Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos
Horizontal Breast Augmentation Lift Before and After Photos: This Breast Augmentation Lift uses a periareolar and a horizontal scar in the breast crease. The vertical scar was eliminated.

Before: This patient complained of loose, saggy and under-inflated breasts. She wanted her breasts to be restored to their original size and shape. She also had asymmetry of nipple location, with the left nipple located lower than the right, prior to surgery. The goals of the procedure were to increase the breast fullness, tighten the skin laxity and raise the nipples to a more youthful and more symmetrical position.

After: A horizontal Breast Lift was performed to reduce and raise the areolae and to lift and firm the breasts. In this case, an incision below the breasts was combined with the typical periareolar scar used for Areola Reduction Surgery. A vertical scar was not necessary because the nipples were very low before surgery. After repositioning the nipples, the excessive lower pole skin was removed via the inframammary incision.

More Breast Augmentation Lift Information

More information about Breast Augmentation and Breast Lift Surgery is available by calling our Walnut Creek Cosmetic Plastic Surgery clinic at (925) 943-6353, and on our comprehensive Breast Augmentation Page and Breast Lift Page.

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