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Bay Area Breast Lift Video Gallery

Breast Lift Video Gallery

The Breast Lift or Mastopexy is cosmetic breast surgery that lifts and tightens the breasts. The procedure has two aspects. The first is to position the nipple and areola into a more ideal position on the front of the breast. The second is to raise the breast mound. Removing the excess skin on the lower half of the breast both lifts and tightens the breasts.

The most common reasons for the Breast Lift include: changes due to pregnancy and breast feeding, significant fluctuations in weight, congenital variations in breast shape (heredity), gradual changes due to age and gravity. All the above cause the breasts to lose elasticity and thus compromise the ability of the breasts to resist gravity.

The areola, the pigmented skin found around the nipple, also enlarges when the breast skin stretches. Areola reduction is a normal part of the Breast Lift, whenever the areola is too large. Nipple Reduction or Inverted Nipple Repair can also be performed at the same time.

Mastopexy and Breast Lift Videos

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San Francisco Bay Area Breast Lift in Walnut Creek, CA

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