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Nipple Reduction Before & After Photo Gallery

Reasons For Nipple Reduction

Anatomy Lesson: Nipple vs. Areola

Nipple Reduction reduces the diameter and projection of the nipple, for those that feel their nipples are too large. It is an outpatient procedure performed for both men and women, usually with local anesthesia. For clarity, the picture on the right shows the centrally raised nipple surrounded by the pigmented areola. Nipple Reduction reduces the nipple, while Areola Reduction reduces the areola. More about each of these procedures is available by clicking on the links in the previous sentence.

Common reasons for Nipple Reduction include

  • Size - the nipple seems too big or out of proportion for the breast
  • Pain - the nipple folds over and hurts in clothing
  • Appearance - the nipple protrudes and is very noticeable even in clothing

Nipple Reduction is a safe and effective procedure with very high patient satisfaction. The ability to offer the surgery in our office using local anesthesia simplifies the planning process.

There are several ways to do Nipple Reduction. The type of nipple reduction depends on the direction of reduction. Some techniques work better for reducing the nipple's diameter, while other techniques provide superior reduction of length (projection). Below, you can view multiple examples of Nipple Reduction Before and After Pictures along with brief discussions of each case. Additional details about Nipple Reductions can be also found on our Nipple Reduction Page.

Nipple Reduction
Before and After Photos

Above, is a gallery of Nipple Reduction Before and After Pictures for men and women. These are of actual patients who have had their plastic surgery by Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS, at our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery center. While our Nipple Mammoplasty Before and After Photos were selected to demonstrate what is possible with this plastic surgery procedure, individual results will vary.

What To Look For In Nipple Reduction Before And After Photos

What can a Nipple Reduction do for you? In some cases, the goal is to reduce the length or projection of the nipple. In other cases, the length is fine and the goal is to reduce the width or diameter of the nipple. Sometimes both aspects of the nipple need to be addressed. Below are selected Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos that demonstrate actual results.

Nipple Reduction For Women

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 1 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: One reason for nipple reduction is that large nipples are sometimes hard to disguise in clothing. This patient had previously undergone breast augmentation and wanted to down size. Her implants were replaced with smaller ones, and her nipples were reduced.

Before: Prior to surgery, her nipples were prominent and very noticeable even in clothing. Although she has breast implants and was comfortable wearing summer clothing, going braless was not an option. Since she was planning to downsize her breast implants, she decided to have nipple reduction at the same time.

After: The patient underwent breast implant exchange with nipple reduction. She was happy with the diameter of the nipples but not their projection. The length was reduced via incisions at the base of the nipples. Nipple sensation was preserved by using a telescoping technique.

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 2 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: Another reason for nipple reduction is that long nipples can fold over and become uncomfortable. This patient disguised her lengthy nipples by wearing padded bras. She desired breast augmentation and did not want to have to wear padded bras, so she elected to have nipple reduction surgery at the same time.

Before: Before surgery, her large, pedunculated nipples folded over and ached. Folding compromises the blood supply, much like putting a rubber band around the base of the nipples would. The repeated trauma likely contributed to edema and enlargement at the end of the nipples.

After: In this case, the nipples were reduced during her breast augmentation surgery. Diameter and length were both addressed, resulting in normal sized nipples and a happy patient. Nipple pain and padded bras are now a thing of the past.

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 3 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: Nipples often enlarge and darken with pregnancy. This patient done having children and wanted her pre-baby breasts back. She desired reduction of her nipples and enlargement of her breasts.

Before: This patient has postpartum breast involution, the medical term for when the breasts shrink after having babies. Unfortunately, her nipples grew and stayed large. When flacid, the ends of her nipples fell past the edge of her areolae, as can be seen above.

After: Postoperatively, her nipples are in better proportion to her breasts. They are now the size they were before pregnancy. Additionally, breast augmentation restored her pre-baby breast volume and a little bit more.

Nipple Reduction For Men

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 4 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: Men can also be bothered by nipple enlargement. This patient was in good shape and liked to wear athletically cut, tailored shirts. Unfortunately, form fitting shirts that revealed his masculine physique also showed his nipples. In the picture above you can see a rash around his areolae from wearing nipple guards to tape the nipples flat.

Before: This patient is in excellent shape and would like to show off his chest; however, he is embarrassed by the size and prominence of his firm nipples.

After: Nipple reduction surgery was performed in the office under local anesthesia. During the short office procedure, his nipples were reduced to a manageable size that gives him the freedom to wear whatever he wants and go shirtless with confidence.

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 5 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: This gentleman had oversized nipples. They were large in both diameter and projection and the appearance of his nipples was bothersome.

Before: Preoperatively, his nipples were fat and long. The length was about that of three pencil erasers but wider. It was difficult for him to wear form fitting shirts, and loose tops would rub his nipples raw when jogging.

After: This patient's nipples have been reduced in both length and width to a size he is comfortable with. The chaffing stopped and the number of styles of shirts he can wear without embarrassment has increased exponentially.

Nipple Reduction Before & After Pictures
Case 6 -

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos

Nipple Reduction Before and After Photos: Sometimes the nipple and areolae are too large. This patient was concerned with the projection of his nipples in and out of clothing, as well as the size of his areolae when shirtless.

Before: His nipples were firm and enlarged and the pigmented skin surrounding the nipples was also too big.

After: The nipples were reduced and a periareolar reduction was performed. This decreased the projection and width of the nipples and diameter of the areolae.

More Nipple Reduction Information

Schedule a personal and private consultation appointment for Nipple Reduction by calling our Walnut Creek Breast Reduction clinic at (925) 943-6353. More information about Nipple Reduction is available on our comprehensive Nipple Reduction Page.

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