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Thigh Lift Before & After Photo Gallery (Thighplasty)

Thigh Lift Before & After Pictures

Thigh Lifts (Thighplasties) are performed when the thigh skin is loose. The upper inner thigh respondes the best, and the better the skin elasticity, the better the results. The Thigh Lift is not used for big thighs that are tight. If the thighs have good skin tone and have disproportionate fat, Liposuction may be a better option. On the other hand, when the thigh skin is already loose, like drapery, Liposuction may compound the problem, and leave the thighs looking even more deflated and uneven.

The power of the Thighplasty is its ability to tighten the thigh skin. An incision is made, either along the top of the inner thigh or down the inner thigh, and the excess skin is removed. This leaves a scar in the area of the skin resection, but it is the only way to lift and tighten the thigh skin. The incision which will work best for your thighs will be explained at the time of your consultation appointment. When the problem is loose outer thigh skin, other types of surgery like a Lower Body Lift may be recommended.

Thighplasty Before and After Photos (Thigh Lift)

A Guide To Thigh Lift Before And After Pictures (Thighplasty)

Above is our gallery of our Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures. The before pictures are on the left, while the after pictures are on the right. All pictures are of actual patients who have had their plastic surgery by Dr. Joseph Mele, MD, FACS, at our San Francisco Bay Area plastic surgery center. While our Thighplasty Before and After Photos can serve as a guide to what is possible with cosmetic surgery, your individual results will vary. Several sets of Thigh Lift Before and After Photos are explained below:

Thigh Lift Before And After Pictures: Example 1

Thighplasty Before and After Pictures #1
Thigh Lift Before and Afters: This patient has lost a lot of weight and is left with redundant skin on her thighs and her belly. A Thigh Lift and Tummy Tuck were performed together to help this patient achieve her ultimate goal.

Before: This young woman has worked hard to lose weight, only to be left with a massive amount of loose skin on her thighs and her belly. The inner thigh skin and the abdominal pannus (skin flap) are a constant source of irritation and embarrassment. The skin folds upon itself, trapping sweat. Moreover, the inner thighs rub together constantly. Both the moisture and the motion lead to chronic irritation, recurrent fungal rashes and intermittent infections. She wanted relief from the irritation, and she had worked too hard for her massive weight loss to still have this much loose, jiggy girth on her thighs and abdomen.

After: A combination of Thigh Lift and Abdominoplasty were performed during a single surgery to eliminate both areas of concern. Some patients and plastic surgeons prefer to stage the two procedures into two different operations. Both ways can work. This patient was young, healthy and motivated, so she was felt to be a good candidate for the single-stage, combined approach. As you can see in the after picture on the right, the Thigh Lift has markedly reduced the redundant inner thigh. After the Thighplasty, daylight is now visible between her legs. Additionally, the skirt of excess abdominal skin seen hanging down in the before pictures is also missing, thanks to her Tummy Tuck. For combination procedures like these, an overnight stay is usually recommended.

Thigh Lift Before And After Pictures: Example 2

Thighplasty Before and After Pictures #2
Thigh Lift Before and Afters: This patient has much less loose skin after her weight loss than the first example shown above. An inner thigh lift was used to tighten the inner thigh skin.

Before: This patient has loose skin primarily on her inner thighs. It drapes uncomfortably and is a problem both in and out of clothing.

After: A thigh lift was performed as an outpatient procedure. The excess inner thigh skin was resected along the upper margin of the inner thigh. The scar is placed in the groin anteriorly and wraps along the upper thigh to the fold under the buttock posteriorly.

Thigh Lift Before And After Pictures: Example 3

Thighplasty Before and After Pictures #3
Thigh Lift Before and Afters: This woman had heavy thighs even after weight loss. She also complained about excess thigh motion when walking and irregular folds on the front, sides and back of her thighs.

Before: Prior to her thigh lift, this patient had excess skin on the anterior, medial and posterior aspects of her thighs. The skin was loose and redundant.

After: A Thigh Lift was performed to remove the excess thigh skin and Liposuction was used to decrease the excess fat. The combination must be performed carefully to avoid injuring the thigh skin's blood supply. Sometimes it is safer and more predictable to do the thigh lift and liposuction as two separate procedures.

Thigh Lift Before And After Pictures: Example 4

Thighplasty Before and After Pictures #4

Thigh Lift Before and Afters: This woman has lots of loose skin on her thighs. It is heaped up on the inner upper thigh, while less redundancy is seen near the knees.

Before: After weight loss, a large amount of redundant, inelastic skin was left on her thighs. The majority of the excess is on the inner aspect of the upper thighs.

After: After her Thighplasty the thighs have a smaller diameter, and the excess, saggy skin has been removed. In this case no Liposculpting was necessary.

Thigh Lift Before and After Pictures: Example 5

Thightplasty Before and After Pictures #5
Thigh Lift Before and Afters: In this case the problem could be felt more than seen. The excess skin sagged down to where the inner thighs touch in the before picture. She is a young woman who has lost weight, but she is left with inelastic skin on her thighs that feels very loose and shakes when she walks.

Before: This woman lost a lot of weight. Her thighs no longer appear large; however, there is an excess of skin left over from when she was heavy. The skin sags down to her mid-thigh, making her thighs look bigger than they are. She is a runner. The amount of movement in the thigh skin when running causes pain, limiting her ability to exercise.

After: The thigh lift helped improve both her thigh shape and tone. After removing the excess skin, the thighs appear thinner and more appropriate for her age. She can now run without the momentum of the redundant skin tugging at her with each step. No pain, no problem.

How Is A Thigh Lift Done?

The Thigh Lift is an outpatient Cosmetic Plastic Surgery procedure. It is a combination of skin resection and fat removal, which removes the excess skin that is frequently left over after massive weight loss. There are two main different Thighplasty procedures. One leaves a scar around the upper thigh, from the groin anteriorly to below the buttocks posteriorly. This method is best for loose skin on the upper medial thigh. The other methods of Thigh Lifting uses a scar that runs down the inner thigh. This is better for tightening the lower thigh, but each case is evaluated individually. Other variations exist for the lateral thigh, and if this is the main area of concern, Dr. Mele will review your options based on the location and amount of excess skin present.

Thigh Lifts are usually performed on an outpatient basis. For larger lifts and for patients coming from farther away, an overnight stay may be recommended. For more information about Thigh Lifts and Thighplasty, including Thigh Lift Videos, visit our Thighplasty Page, or give us a call at (925) 943-6353.

Thighplasty (Thigh Lift) San Francisco Bay Area

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